Wondering who are the people writing and editing all these entries? And who are designing those flashy social media posts? We’re a team of ten, let us introduce ourselves.

Sonal Gupta

Sonal (she/her) is from India and has a background in media and development communication. She is currently working with the Gender Team of the Bureau of Public Policy and Programme Support at the UNDP headquarters in New York. Prior to this, she was a consultant with the Election Commission of India where her role spanned across media, communication and voter outreach. As a core team member of THIS IS GENDERED, she assists in the editing and publishing of entries, in addition to exploring partnership and outreach opportunities for the organisation. In her free time, she documents the narratives of Partition witnesses as a certified Oral Historian for the 1947 Partition Archive and likes to dabble with art and sketching!

Arthur Guillaume-Gentil

Arthur (he/him) has a background in politics, law, and gender and sexuality studies. He currently studies a Master in international security in Paris. As part of the THIS IS GENDERED core team, he supervises the editing, writing, and publishing of entries as well as supports the organisation in terms of legal matters. He is particularly interested in the relation between gender, masculinities, and queer identities. Aside from THIS IS GENDERED, he plays field hockey, follows the latest fashion trends, and is a brunch fanatic.

Esther Jónsdóttir

Esther (she/her) has a background in Political Science which she studied in Iceland, Canada and Netherlands. She specialised in Global Environmental Governance, Sustainability and Climate Change and is particularly interested in exploring linkages between environmental justice, intersectionality and indigenous theories. Esther has additional diplomas in Applied Gender Studies and Disability Studies and is part of THIS IS GENDERED focusing on educational materials and funding. In her free time, she is likely to be found in the mountains skiing or climbing, or camping somewhere out in the nature.

Clara Giron Pacheco

Clara (she/her) is a recent postgraduate of Gender, Peace and Security, and has a background in International Relations, European and Gender studies. She is currently making London her home,  grew up in Germany and is of Spanish origin. As an avid queer feminist, she is excited to join THIS IS GENDERED, contribute to the social media team, and write and edit entries. She is particularly interested in analysing the complicated dynamics of gender within “peacetime“ and hopes to continue her research in this field and pursue a PhD. Clara enjoys music and going to gigs, is a musical theater enthusiast, an ardent thrift shopper, gym junkie, indulges in reading and writing and has newly developed a not-so-healthy knitting addiction.

Indy Grant

Indy (she/they) lives on the road with their husband and dog in the UK. After studying Politics in Amsterdam, they decided to take a break from academia, and are currently working as a freelance author, taking on any projects which inspire passion. Indy helps with entries, coming up with fun ideas, and also helps with fundraising. When they’re not writing, you can find Indy hiking in the mountains or snuggled up on the sofa reading a good book. 

Melina Elverdal

Melina (she/her) is a freelance copywriter, independent consultant and human rights advocate. She’s using her writing, interpersonal skills and education in International and European law to build a career she can feel passionate about. Her goal with THIS IS GENDERED is to initiate real, actionable change by helping others learn to recognise and challenge gendered assumptions and stereotypes. As a committed member of the team, she supports the organisation’s social media, partnerships and community outreach efforts. When she’s not working at the office, you can probably find her at the beach drinking iced coffee and catching waves on her surfboard.

Amalia Calderón

Amalia (she/her) is a legal researcher, poet and part-time witch. She holds a Law & Sociology bachelors degree from Warwick University, and a Sociology of Gender & Sexuality masters and Artistic Research research masters from the University of Amsterdam. Amalia’s practice explores Earth jurisprudence, legal poetry, hydrofeminist posthumanism, ecofeminist pedagogies and archives of resistance. She is currently working on a cartography of hydropoetic feminist laws. Amalia has been a guest lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and has co-designed and co-coordinated an interdisciplinary course on posthumanism at the UvA. Her publications appear in Kunstlicht, ArtEZ, the Rijksakademie, Simulacrum and Warwick University among others. Amalia is part of the editorial board of Soapbox Journal of Cultural Analysis.

Olivia Rocha

Olivia (she/her) has recently achieved her master’s in Cultural Studies and has a previous background in Curation and Critique. Originally from Brazil, she is currently located in London where she hopes to pursue her career. When it comes to feminism, Olivia is interested in the ways in which colonial perspectives are intrinsically connected to gender and sexual performance. At THIS IS GENDERED she is excited to support the social media team and occasionally help by writing entries. During her spare time, she enjoys readings novels and taking photographs with her film camera

Alina Karlsen

Alina (she/her) is the co-founder of THIS IS GENDERED. She has previously studied political science, international relations and diplomacy, and now works for a Norwegian women’s rights organisation. In addition to writing entries and following up the team, she is responsible for developing the organisation further by seeking funding opportunities and partnerships, and assisting the social media team. Next to writing about the gendered aspects of everyday life and international relations, she is the go-to person in the team when it comes to reality tv. When she’s not criticising The Bachelor franchise she likes to go to museums, find second hand bargains and stroll around Oslo.

Tess de Rooij

Tess (she/her) is co-founder of THIS IS GENDERED, holds a BSc in politics and MPhil in medical anthropology and philosophy, and is a lover of nature. She works on the Freedom of Information Act at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For THIS IS GENDERED, she likes to write about the gendered aspects of communication, employment, health and public spaces. Next to writing entries, she takes care of social media, tries to get this project funded and is responsible for legal matters. Reading the newspaper, riding her bike, cooking and sewing is how she relaxes.

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